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We are proud to offer a complete line of Hanny reels.

These reels are fabricated out of heavy gauge steel. Bearings are self-aligning. Malleable iron and steel are used for hose reel hub assembly, outlet riser and swivel joints. Stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and other alloys and special swivel joint packing are available to meet special requirements. From vacuum hose, water hose, or electrical cable, these reels are the perfect solution for large lengths of hose & cables.

When it comes to your equipment, quality is what you need. Grabber Power delivers a wide range of reels for multiple applications. We keep 3 and 4 conducter, manual rewind electric cable reels in stock at all time. Also in stock is the manual water reel with or without 300' x 3/8" -560 PSI hose. Reels are also available in power retrieve.


  • Finish: Most reels are finished with e-coating or oven-cured enamel
  • Temperature & Pressure (hose reel): Standard reel construction will handle most liquids or gases at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to +400 degrees F (-29 degrees to +204 degrees C). Operating pressures available up to 10,000 psi (695 BAR)depending on the specific reel series.
  • Electrical Connections: A pull wire is provided for installing cable through drum and hub. Connection from the electrical source to the reel is through a junction box or a preconnected wire lead, depending on the reel model.
  • Collector Ring Assembly: Reels to handle live electric cable are normally equipped with a 3-conductor collector ring assembly. Assemblies with additional conductors and for higher amperage are available at extra cost on most models. Be sure to specify your application.
  • Standard: 45A 600V, up to 300A available





3 Conducter Electric Cable Reel

Manual/Power Retrieve Water Reel

2.5" Power Rewind Vacuum Hose Reel



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