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Core Drill Assemblies

Grabber offers a wide variety of core drill motors and set ups. We have popular brands such as Cardi, Husqvarna, Weka, Milwaukee & more. Grabber offers the following core drill styles:

  • Hand held
  • Electric & Hi-Cycle
  • Hydraulic

Grabber Core Drill Assemblies

Aside from suppling top quality core drill motors and accessories, Grabber Power offers great professional core drill assemblies for all your core drill needs. Grabber core drill assemblies include the following:

A: Your choice of motor
B: 2-1/2 or 2-7/8 ground stainless steel column
C: Top of column has been machined so the carriage slides on and off easier
D: Drill motor adapter plate
E: Vacuum pump assembly
F: Switch box w/plug protector
G: 2 valve water control assembly
H: Roller carriage
I: Heli-coil thread inserts for adjustment screws & wheel mounts
J: 8 semi-pneumatic soft round wheels
K: Core drill base 2, 2-1/2 or 2-7/8
L: Vac pad w/1 fastener (multiple sizes available)
M: Optional choice of slurry slurp or water catch
N: Optional angle base 





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