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The 19 Gallon Portable Water Tank

The 19 gallon portable water tank is perfect for those
applications when supplying your equipment with water is not as simple as hooking it up to your hose bib. This portable water tank is a great way to supply your coredrills, flat saws and push saws with water when no water outlets are to be found or reached.

Drill Column Tilt Base

The Grabber Power column angle tilt base can be used with any drill motor and can be used with or without a vacuum base. This tilt base is designed to use a 2-1/2” or a 2-7/8”
column and can anchor down directly to a vacuum plate if needed. Drill cores that range from 15 degrees to 175 degrees.

Vaccum Pump Assembly

The Grabber Power core drill base assembly with vacuum pump is a high quality assembly that allows you to core drill safely, accurately and efficiently while the vacuum pump securely sucks down to the floor. Assembly Includes Vacuum pump, Your choice of base, Wheel assembly & Vacuum pad with gasket.

Spacer Block

This spacer block adds 2-1/2" to your core drilling capabilities. It spaces any core motor off of carriage with correct motor mount.

Core Drill Slider

Quick release rings for 5/4 drilling machines prevents core bits from locking onto the drill motor. Features include: fits drills of 1-1/4" x 7 UNC, kit includes two o-rings & one slider ring & attaches securely to drill spindle

Core Bit Tote

Handle your core bits with ease. These core bit totes are made from solid steel and can handle most core bits. Sizes include 1 1/4-7 thead size/count, multiple color options & Solid steel construction

Grabber Power Water Catch

The Grabber Water Catch is a durable and reliable way to reduce the mess of core drilling. Features Include: high quality aluminum for extended life, 5 & 10 sizes, multiple rubber cutouts for multiple size bits, high quality gasket, attaches directly to an 1-1/2 vac hose cuff & is is ideal for use on ceilings

Grabber Power Wall Clamp

Drilling on top of block wall can be difficult. Grabber Power Products offers a simple solution to this problem. Our wall clamp hooks directly to your core drill base and clamps down securely over the desired wall you need to core. It has a 6 to 12 wall capacity and uses high quality wheels with sealed bearings to roll freely once unclamped.

Inverted Marking Paint

Grabber offers inverted marking paints for multiple use applications. These marking paints are the preferred marking paint for all types of ground marking (trench lines, concrete marking, blue stake, etc.).Can size is 16oz with a color choice of white & clear



Core Drill Hand Carts

If you have ever had to haul around core drill equipment, you know how heavy and tiresome it can be. Our core drill hand carts are the simple way to transport and haul your core drill equipment from site to site. Features include a high capacity dolly, locking mount for 2-7/8 column & base ,2-7/8 carriage mount & a 5 gallon container mount for core drill tools

Grabber Power Core Drill Bases

Grabber Power Products supplies 3 different size bases. Our bases are made from high quality aluminum castings and have heli-coil thread inserts to prevent damage and locking up to the adjustment screws and wheel mounts. Features include sizes from 2", 2-1/2" or 2-7/8"columns, heli-coil thread inserts & a high quality aluminum casting.

Spindle Adapters

We offer a large supply of core drill shaft spindle extension rods and spindle adapters. We have many sizes in stock and ready to use.

Core Drill Electric Box

The Grabber Power core drill electric switch box is a convenient way to control two motors with one switch.

Hose Whipe

Our hose whips are great for controlling water flow for core drilling, flat sawing and other drilling and sawing applications. Features includes a hose size of 3/8 OD, hose ends: 1/2 female hose, QD coupler, brass control flow valve & hose is rated up to 300 PSI

Speed Nuts

Securing core drill bases has never been easier with the speed nut. This speed nut has a flange that is built in with a 1/2"-13 thread size. The head of the speed nut rotates while the base of the nut remains lock in place. A great tool for securing equipment

Slurry Slurps

A light-weight and versatile tool, it controls slurry while making ??oor or wall cuts. The slurry slurp hooks directly to most standard wet vacuum hoses. This tool will suck to a wall or ??oor while picking up slurry. Features include sizes from 5" & 10" with an adapter available for wet vac connections

Sanko Concrete Anchors

Sanko has over 40 years of experience manufacturing concrete anchors. In addition, Sanko has a stringent quality assurance process. Setting tools are made of hardened steel designed not to bend or break and last for many installations. We supply our customers with Sanko anchors becuase we know they are the most dependable anchor in the market. Features include sizes 1/2 & 3/8 available with a Setting tool also available

Water Pump Assembly

Our water pump assembly is a versatile pump that supplies water to your equipment. It can be mounted directly to your truck or trailer and is a great, compact choice when supplying your equipment with water. Features include a 2.1 gallon tank, 12 volt water pump, strainer & mounting hardware included & replacement parts available



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