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Wall Saw Linear Guide

The wall saw linear guide is a quick, cost effective way to use your hand saw as a wall saw. This guide is perfect for cutting doorways, windows and other wall saw applications. The track is engineered from high quality aluminum. The guide has four adjustable rollers with top quality bearings. Light weight, this unit can be mounted in minutes.

Features Include:
  • Light weight extruded aluminum track
  • Longyear style track brackets
  • Increases safety of hand held saws on horizontal cuts
  • Reduces labor demands
  • Ensures straight cuts
  • Mounts quickly
  • Machined “V” rollers with eccentric adjustment
  • Can be invertedly mounted

Wall Saw Track Storage Container

Grabber Power introduces its wall saw track storage boxes. These storage boxes help protect your tracks from getting damaged as well as keeping them clean, organized and accessible no matter where the job may take you. Its a great solution for all your wall saw track storage needs. The wall saw track storage box is able to hold up to six 90 wall saw tracks and is also suitable to carry multiple sizes as well. The wall saw track storage boxes are made from high quality aluminum and the roller system is made from durable plastic tubing.



Roof Pick

Finally a practical way to cut and remove roof openings. Attach to
removal piece after your first parallel cuts. Hold your piece in place while you finish your second set of parallel cuts.

Features Include:
  • Aluminum channel
  • Round steel handles
  • Designed for the lift capacity of two adults
  • Multiple channel adjustment
  • Ideal up to 10” of concrete


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