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Our largest portable vacuum, our 55 gallon ProVac is guaranteed to provide you with all the suction you need. Our steel cart allows you to transport the ProVac with ease. Specifically designed to hold up under the toughest conditions, our 55 gallon ProVac is perfect for small to large wet vac applications.

The 55 Gallon ProVac has a durable steel drum that has been coated to prevent rusting. The wheel mounts are zinc plated steel with a durable powder coated steel handle. The vacuum head on the 30 gallon has a roll cage to prevent damage and has a foam float with a stainless steel cage that prevents overfilling the vacuum.

All of our ProVacs are low maintenance, requires no vacuum bags and are available in a four caster model or the standard two casters with two large wheels. Drain plugs are availble if needed. The 55 gallon ProVac has a durable steel transport cart with a powder coat finish.

We also have an array of vacuum accessories for all of our ProVacs. From extra hoses and hose cuffs, to replacement wheels and motor parts. Unlike other wet vacs, we have all the parts you need to keep your vacuum running for years to come.



Hoses and Tools

Tools included with 30 and 55 gal. vacuums.

  • Chrome Wand
  • 14” Squeegee for Liquid Recovery
  • 6” Aluminum Hand Tool
  • Hose – 1-1/2” x 15’

Vacuum Specs

  • Steel Drum
  • 110 inches of Water Lift
  • 2” Head Inlet Tube
  • Stainless Steel Screen Foam
  • Float Enclosure
  • Recessed Electrical Plug
  • Adaptable to Any Extension Cord
  • Roll Cage Protection
  • Pneumatic Wheels and/or Casters
  • Drain Plug Available Upon Request



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