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ProCutter™ Tool Boxes

Cut your time and loses with Grabber's ProCutter tool boxes. Forget about piling tools on top of each other and damaging them or having to fumble for a core bit when you need it. 

Finally, there’s a place for everything with Grabber’s unique line of Quick Draw™ concrete cutting tool boxes.

You won’t find these at any big box retailer.

Grabber tool boxes are specially built to help you get better organized.

Like any good storage box,  they are tough, durable and weather resistant. However, the real draw to Grabber's tool boxes is what you’ll find inside.  Innovative blade pocket racks that swing out for easy access.  Handy, one-of-a-kind closed end storage for core bit sets and dozens of special supports and mountings that secure other tools. 

When it comes to storage, there’s only one tool box made for today’s concrete cutting pros.  It’s the Quick Draw ™ from Grabber.



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ProCutter™ Tool Boxes

Boxes can be custom built .  Available for open and closed bed trucks and vans.

Quick Draw I™ – 48w x 24l x 36h
(two doors)

Quick Draw II™ – 58.5w x 96l x 42h
(four doors)

Quick Draw II™ – 58.5w x 96l x 55h to 81(four doors with drop down)

  • Quick Draw II & III - 58.5w x 96l x 42h
  • Four Door Dual access from either side of the truck
  • 14-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Weather-Resistant Surface
  • Drill-Resistant Locking System
  • Front-Opening Door
  • Blade Pocket Racks – Up to 36”Blades
  • Closed End for Core Bit Racks for Two Sets
  • Special Supports and Mounts


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