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If it takes one to know one, there may be no one who knows or understands the concrete cutting profession better than Nolan Schabacker. 

For the past 30 years, Nolan has done it all from the ground up.  And today that experience is helping him build one of the leading concrete cutting supply companies in the country. 

More than a supplier.  A problem solver.

No ordinary supplier or service center, at the heart of Grabber’s unique approach, is Nolan’s relentless drive to help solve industry problems.  As the developer of  important concrete cutting patents, Nolan has introduced a number of breakthroughs including the industry’s first “green” joint cleaner. 

Called the Grabber VacBlaster™, this  highly efficient piece of equipment brings together a pressurized joint cleaner and a powerful vacuum for the very first time.  Not only does it provide an economical, two-in-one slurry solution, it also helps meet tough new environmental standards.

Other Grabber innovations include a line of equally efficient trucks, trailers and tool boxes designed and specially outfitted for today’s concrete cutting pro.

“The whole idea behind Grabber is to help you cut time and losses,” says Nolan.  “If we can do that, we’re going to help you be a success."





Designed to Cut Time and Losses. 
And increase profits.

Grabber’s VacBlaster™ 
The industry’s first “green” joint cleaner.
A highly efficient pressurized joint cleaner
and vacuum all in one package.

Grabber’s Pro Cutter™ Trucks and Trailers          
From top to bottom, a line of specialty vehicles like no one else in the country

Grabber’s Pro Cutter™ Tool Boxes –
the Quick Draw I and II
The real draw is how much time is
saved when there’s a place for everything… and everything has its place.

“If those diamonds aren’t turning, you aren’t making money.”

-Nolan Schabacker



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