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Introducing our new Grabber VacBlaster™, the industry’s first “green” joint cleaner.

It’s powerful.  It’s flexible.  And it’s been tested by pros – just like all the rest of our heavy duty vacuums and joint cleaners. But this is one that is likely to revolutionize the entire concrete cutting industry.

For the first time ever, pressure wash and vacuum at the same time.

That’s right, with Grabber’s unique VacBlaster™, you can actually pressure wash joints and vacuum them at the same time.

This unprecedented two-in-one combo has been specially designed for loop sawing – with  efficiency that can double your production and cut your time on the job in half. 

It’s also ideal for saw and seal contract work; finally offering an alternative to sandblasting on jobs where dust control is
a problem.
Also, be sure to check out Grabber’s full line of joint cleaners and ProVac ™ wet slurry vacuums – always the first choice of the concrete cutting industry.








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