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Grabber Generators

Power up with one of our 3-phase workhorses.

Sized just right, you’ll get more juice in a smaller package with one of our Grabber generators specially built for the concrete cutting pro.

For starters, use one of these highly efficient motor-starting generators and you’ll be able to power your saw from 0 to full RPM in just two seconds.

Smaller, lighter, sized just right.

You can also say goodbye to cumbersome and expensive tow-behind rentals. Because, unlike other three-phase generators that are normally enclosed and trailer mounted,
ours come in a neat and trim package.  They’re smaller, lighter and sized just right to fit on your truck.

Grabber generators are durable, too.  Diesel powered and built to hold up under the toughest conditions, you’ll be bumping the start button on your Grabber for years.  And each time you do, get ready - because it’s going to jump!



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Grabber 3-Phase Generators

Grabber Generators Can also be custom built and sized according to need.

Also Available 400Hz. - 25 KW, 30 KW, 40 KW, 50 KW



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