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Diamond Tools

Grabber offers a complete line of professional diamond tools and equipment

  • Diamond Blades

    - Flat Saw
    - Wall Saw
    - Hand Saw
    - Up to 48" diameter plus!

  • Core Bits

    - Standard & Custom Sizes

  • Grinding Cups

    - 4" to 7" Diameter
    - Threaded/Non-Threaded
    - Different Specs/Patterns
    - Fine/Coarse Diamonds

  • Diamond Wire

    - Various Lengths Available

  • Diamond Grinding

    -Various Bonds
    -Various Grits

  • Diamond Polishing

    -Various Resin Bonds
    -Various Diamond Specs
    -Wet/Dry Applications



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Diamond Blade


About Grabber's Diamond Products

Grabber Power offers a complete line of professional grade diamond products that we back 100 %. We do not supply your typical over the counter style brands. We deal only with professional manufactures on our products.

We also specifically test our products so we know how they will work in the feild. If you have been having trouble with finding the right spec on a blade, core bit, or any other diamond application, we have over 30 years of experience in concrete cutting and can assist you with all your diamond product needs.

Grabber Power has an array of items in stock and ready to be shipped or be placed on will call for you. If there is something special you need, chances are we can get it for you and ship directly to you. Give us a call!



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